Garry Connell and Annie Seel are baptized in the Dunes

21102013-0.MERZOUGA©J.TomaselliI0599After one week in the Rally Oilibya of Morocco, Garry Connell takes place in the Merzouga Rally driving his Polaris Extreme+ RZR 900 XP40.

In order to use the first journey as an acclimation process to all competitors taking part of this race, the first stage in Merzouga started with a 122 km loop. Annie Seel arrived yesterday from Sweden to become Garry Connell´s navigator, and had an unforgettable ceremony of initiation: the crew rolled over three times slowly and without consequences, they had to change a tire in the race track and got stuck in the sand… Welcome to Merzouga!

For Garry Connell, this was also like a baptism in the big dunes: “_Neither last year or last week we faced big dunes, this was my first time. I was not in a situated in the right place in a downhill part and we started to slowly roll over, three times on the side… The RZR was not damaged and neither did we, and that is what matters. Only my ego had a severe trauma but I´m sure it will recover,” explains Garry._

“This is what I call a good testing day. We tested inflating and deflating tires, we changed tires, the safety belts and chassis are resistant… everything works,” continues Connell.

21102013-0.MERZOUGA©J.TomaselliI0598Annie Seel is discovering the delight of being a navigator with a great sense of humor. “I was happy to be in the RZR and not in a bike when we rolled over. It was so slow and harmless that it made me laugh. I did not stress out and I am even happy to realize that I feel so safe inside the vehicle. Before that happened, we were doing well in the dunes and I had so much fun seeing how the Polaris XT+ RZR 900 XP40 can go through everything. It is a great machine!”

Late this afternoon, a 4 km Super Special will take place.