Domony sprint race brought important points

140717 hangodi1Team HQ Racing scored some valuable points at Adrienn-Gombi Cup in Domony: Zoltán Hangodi and the Yamaha HQ Buggy finished sixth at the first sprint event of the year.

Adrienn-Gombi Cup brought a fierce battle where each lost second could be missed badly at the end. Zoltán Hangodi and his Yamaha HQ Buggy finished the first sprint race of the year without any major problem but not with the result the team hoped for. Hango’s race was ‘gone’ in the first special when he made some mistakes and clocked only the 11th time. Although he made 3rd and 4th times at all the remaining four specials he was able to climb up only to the 6th place overall. On the other hand, the car worked flawlessly once again and with the points scored in Domony the driver of HQ Racing occupies the 4th position of the Hungarian Championship.140717 hangodi2

“I’m not really happy. I didn’t make a good start, I made mistakes in the first special both in terms of navigation and driving, I don’t know what happened to me. I lost about 3-4 minutes and then I wasn’t able to recover that amount of time. At such a short sprint race you can’t make mistakes. I finished 6th, now I can’t do anything but to prepare very well for the HunGarian Baja,” said Hango.

In one month, on 14-16 August, Yamaha HQ Buggy can fight with the field of the FIA Cross-Country Rally World Cup as HunGarian Baja will be seventh round of the prestigious series. In the Hungarian Championship there will also be a lot at stake as the event has coefficient 3 and so it can be deciding for the quest for the title.