Baja Aragón will celebrate its 30th anniversary in Teruel

Registrations for the mythical Aragonese event are already open, and they stay at a reduced fee until the 14th of June

2107peterhanselXXXth edition of Baja Aragón will take place this year 2013 from 19th to 21st July, and will take the most of this celebration time by renovating and offering all the participants a lot of novelties and improvements.

Main one of them: the event will be held almost completely in the province of Teruel, which is thrown into the raid. Teruel will welcome the race during the three days it lasts, so there will be no transfers in between venues. Also, this fact will make the route of Baja Aragón 2013 to be completely new and unseen.

Therefore, all the drivers who register for Baja Aragon number 30, will enjoy almost 1.000 kilometers with a race format very similar than previous years, with two separated sections: one of 160 kilometers and another with almost 200 kilometers. More than 700 Km. of the total track will be timed; and starts and arrivals will always be held in Teruel.

The field they will have to face will be made of extremely hard tracks that, sometimes, go up to 1.200 meters high, with views and spectacular sceneries that will really worth the climb for all the privileged that get to observe them from their vehicles.

Registration period for all categories in this 2013th edition of the Baja Aragon are already open. Everyone can register through the official website and, even if the limit is fixed for Wednesday 3rd of July, all those who decide to register for the challenge before the 14th of June will benefit from a reduction in the price.

Besides, Baja Aragon is still part of the FIA Cross Country Rallies World Cup calendar; as well as in FIM´s Baja World Cup. Already consolidated as one of the most important motorsport events in Spain, and more precisely in Aragon´s Community, where it is a reference, Baja Aragon continues being celebrated throughout the years and it is already one of the most ancient events in its category.

Moreover, Baja Spain´s international role is unquestionable, because it has always received the world´s best raids drivers, such as Stéphane Peterhansel, Nasser Al-Attiyah, Luc Alphand, Jean-Louis Schlesser or Nani Roma in cars, and Gerard Farrés, “Chaleco” López, Cyril Desprès or Marc Coma in bikes.

Main headquarters and center of the race will be located in Teruel, where the XXXth Baja Aragón will take its start on 19th July. Also, Teruel will be the venue where the Super Special Stage, scrutineering, starts and arrivals will be held.